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Posted by on Aug 2, 2013 in Blog, Video |

3D Spinal Decompression Therapy

In 2008 Dr. Pardisnia of Simply Align Rehab imported the first DOC decompression table to Canada in his Oakville clinic.  Much to his surprise he noticed some immediate results with this treatment.  Patients that had severe lower back pain with pain shooting down their legs and neck pain with pain shooting down their arms got some relief immediately on the table.  Working with this new technology was interesting.  Not every patient with the same symptoms has the same result.  Same patients with exact same diagnosis and MRI findings presented with complete different response to the table.   Over the past four years Dr. Pardisnia has personally helped hundreds of patients with this new technology.  To be accurate the amount of decompression, time, angle and patient position is documented every time.  During his certification course at Kennedy Decompression Technique, Dr. Pardisnia realized that many of the same settings were used by Dr. Kennedy.  For the patients out these it is important to know that Spinal Decompression Therapy is a wonderful tool to assist with traction of injured discs back to place.  This can alleviate the shooting pain as the disc is returned to its place.

It is also important for patients out there to realize that spinal decompression table and traction is just one part of the therapies.  Activity modification and education and spinal stabilization are just as important.  Once the disc has returned to its original place after a session of spinal decompression therapy much needed spinal stabilization exercises are crucial.   During these exercises the muscles around the discs that hold up the discs and the spine will be strengthen to avoid further collapse of the discs.

Healthy lifestyle and healthy eating is also important for a healthy back.  Being overweight, lack of exercise and smoking all have shown to cause increase lower back pain.

Be fit and be pain free….

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