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Posted by on Nov 10, 2012 in Blog, Video |

Spinal Decompression Testimonials

Over the past few years we have had lots of happy pain free patients.  It is hard to record and get them all on video.  Here we have a few recent patients with different neck and back conditions expressing their views about our 3D Spinal Decompression technique.


Involved in a car accident, hurt her neck and shoulder.  She has been under Spinal Decompression Therapy for the past three weeks at time of this testimonial.  She feels better already.  “I highly recommend Spinal decompression therapy to everyone.


Adam has been suffering with local lower back pain for the past two years.  He reported that “he is fed up with his lower back pain”.  He play’s hockey and now has to stop it because of this pain.  He had googled another Spinal Decompression Clinic and was given a quote of over $6000 for 20 visits.  He was very happy with our prices and our service.  He feels much better after only 3 visits.  “Before I couldn’t stand up straight and today I feel fantastic”.

Dr. Padmore MD, Scarborough General Hospital

At age 70, Dr. Padmore still continues to practice today as a Gynecologist.  He has been suffering with lower back pain and stenosis and has been treated by us for 20 visits and has felt much better specially during standing.  “Spinal Decompression worked very well for me and lots of my patients”


She has been suffering for the past two years with lower back pain.  She has lumbar arthritis.  The pain causes difficulty in prolonged standing, sitting, walking and lifting.  She also loses her balance frequently due her lower back pain.  We have used Spinal Decompression Therapy for the past 4 weeks and she feels great already.  Mind you she has had this pain for two years so we cannot fix it in two weeks.  “Decompression Machine had helped me a great lot”


With history of degenerative disc disease and arthritis in her neck, Geraldine has been our patient for a while now.  There is no cure for arthritis but she can fully function with the help of the Spinal Decompression Therapy and neck stabilization exercises.  She attends our clinic once every three weeks now for avoiding neck pain.  This maintenance routine helps Geraldine to function pain free at work and at home.     “Relaxing pain free treatment, I feel like I can do another 8 hours at work”


Kathy has been our patient for chronic lower back pain.  She is in our maintenance program.  Regardless of pain she receives Spinal Decompression Therapy every three weeks.  This allows her to stay pain free.  This tune-up program is more cost-effective than waiting for her disc injury to flare up needing much more frequent treatments.  “This has changed everything”


Anita is the lab technician and has to stand all day.  She was referred by her doctor for hip pain.  After our exam, it was clear that her pain is generating from her lumbar spine region.  So we started to add Spinal Decompression Therapy and positive results was reported.  “Improved a lot”


Referred by his medical doctor for a disc bulge, Profirio is a typical Spinal Decompression patient.  He disc bulge not only caused lower back pain but also pain and numbness down the leg.  He feels better after two weeks.  “I don’t feel the numbness anymore”

Kandi Arun

I had a severe pain in my lower back and down to my legs. The pain was so bad and I could not stand straight and my left leg was slightly dragging when walking. My family doctor sent me to Simply Align Rehab at 4129 Lawrence Ave east, Scarborough, to consult Dr.Nima Pardisnia. He saw my x rays and found that I have a slipped vertebrae in the spinal lumber L4, and it is pressing the spinal chord. Dr. Nima told me that the pain is due to spinal stenosis and he suggested me some treatment for pain management by spinal decompression along with laser and pulse wave. I was getting regular treatment more than a year from March 2015 to now. My pain was reduced and a I could walk perfect. The latest X ray report in march 2016 shows that my spinal vertebrae is perfectly and normally aligned and there is no damage. This is a miracle in my life. I thank Dr.NIMA PARDISNIA FOR HIS EXPERTISE TREATMENT AND THE FRIENDLY ENVOIRAMENT . I THANK GOD FINALY MY NIGHTMARE IS OVER. I STORNGNLY RECOMEND ANY ONE WHO HAVE A SMILAR MEDICAL CONDITION , PLEASE VISIT SIMPLY ALIGN REHAB.

Lumbar Before-After

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