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Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in Blog |

Protect your back with a Hip Hinge!


Everyone knows when lifting, LIFT FROM YOUR KNEES, but most people don’t know about the HIP HINGE.  If you are looking at the spine from the side, the lower back better, also known as the lumbar spine, you will see that the spine is not straight. It has a natural curve.


Maintaining this curvature through out the day is crucial to a preserving a healthy back.  This means when you stand, sit, bend or lift try to keep your lower back straight.  This means that your hips will do all the work.  Bend from your HIPS.  Stick your buttocks out; keep your back straight and than bend.  This will reduce the pressure on the lumbar spine.  This can also be done even while sitting.



This means DO NOT SLOUCH!

Look at the picture below.  You can see that while shoveling snow the same principles are applied; BENT KNEES AND HIPS. 


Correct way !

Below you see the wrong way of shoveling snow.  Couple this with early morning snow fall and cold, you have a perfect recipe for injuring you back.  Twisting while throwing the snow also can be a disaster to the back.

The Wrong Way !

So to do this right, remember:

  1. Bend from the knee
  2. Bend from the Hip
  3. Keep your back straight
  4. Don’t twist.


Good luck !

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